Vision / Mission / Values

We envision a community in which every young child in Transylvania County is thriving.

In partnership with families, organizations, and individuals, we influence the well-being of children. We accept responsibility for the improvement of high-quality early care and education for young children in Transylvania County.

  • Excellence: Adhering to standards of high-quality in all that we do, while continuously adapting, improving, and creating new possibilities.
  • Collaboration: Sharing leadership and responsibility in our work with others to ensure diverse participation and more effective outcomes.
  • Engagement: Seeking the valuable participation, cooperation, and contributions of families, organizations, and individuals to realize our vision.
  • Transparency: Communicating information about the organization's mission, policies, finances, and programs with clarity and accuracy.
  • Organizational Integrity: Acting openly, ethically, honestly, and respectfully to maintain the public's trust.
  • Leadership: Creating an effective, results-driven, culture that nurtures families and young children.