GetSet Transylvania

             The Power of Partnership

We are proud to be a partner of
GetSet Transylvania.

GetSet Transylvania is the resulting product of bringing together community stakeholders to address the needs of the children in our community from birth to age five.

This successful collaboration was based upon addressing needs revealed by data compiled in the State of the Young Child report and continues as GetSet Transylvania, a branded entity whose individual members’ and organizations’ strengths are leveraged, making GetSet Transylvania the leader of our community’s early childhood efforts.

The State of The Young Child in Transylvania County data report was completed in late 2015 with the following key data points:

State of the Young Child Report 2015

  • 1,500 children under the age of 5 were living in Transylvania County.
  • 78% of kindergarteners tested below or far below proficiency for readiness.
  • 38% of rising kindergarteners had not attended any child care or preschool program.
  • 274 children were enrolled in 9 regulated, licensed child care centers / preschools and 1 family child care home.
  • 255 children were enrolled in 5 non-regulated child care centers / preschools.
  • 17 of 35 infants enrolled in Care Coordination for Children were undergoing treatment for neonatal substance abuse.